Advocating Personal Sovereignty and Natural Rights

Femida, Goddess of Justice, with scales and sword.

Personal Sovereignty and Individual Liberty

Bridgevenus Law Journal was started by entrepreneur and J.D. student Chris Nawojczyk to research the vast tradition of American law and jurisprudence, stemming back to U.S. founding and beyond. We strive to disseminate truth and facts, with integrity, on laws pertaining to court decisions and legislations, while sharing commentary on politics and current events. We are libertarian-conservatives who value the ideologies upon which the United States was founded. Build on principles of Natural Law, American heritage is rich in history and experimentation of the ideals that cultivate peace, freedom and prosperity for all.

Commentary and Analysis with Integrity

From Bridgevenus Capital

Quarter Hedge Law (QHL) exists to educate, inform and serve the American people by advocating the principles of Individual Liberty, Personal Sovereignty, and Self-Government under Natural Law. There is only one type of justice, which is natural “blind justice.” A republic protects individual natural rights as opposed to the mob rule of democracy. Likewise, QHLJ works to promote and defend these timeless objective truths so that freedom is safeguarded and tyranny is deprived.

Upholding the Glorious Cause of Liberty

Defending Home in The Land of The Free

We champion Virtue from the longstanding ideologies of American heritage that gave rise to liberty and prosperity in the United States. We are a team of contributors, researchers, authors, and reporters organized for a common goal: to uphold, defend and preserve the Glorious Cause of Liberty whose splendid light emanates to all for the fullest potential of humanity. BLJ was created by Founder and Chief Editor Chris Nawojczyk, who directs all decisions of this platform.

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