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Sex Trafficking Lies and Police Officer Bullies (with Video)

A large number of so called sex trafficking rings go under investigation for months, before the women are “rescued” after being ARRESTED with a CRIMINAL RECORD and thrown into cages. Not what I call justice protecting the innocent. Although there are real cases of women and children forced into slave labor and abuse, a vast number of prostitution scandals in the United States are merely consensual adults charged with serious crimes for doing nothing wrong.

Why do I say “nothing wrong?” Because any consensual business exchange between willing adults is a natural right that ought not be prosecuted. The Constitution protects freedom of expression and freedom of association in the First Amendment. It also alludes to additional rights in the Ninth Amendment that are not expressly defined, yet exist in nature. For example, the ruling in favor of allowing abortions in Roe v. Wade was decided with the help of the Ninth Amendment. Though I am pro-life, politicians, lawyers, and judges alike understand the immense and often underrated power of the Bill of Rights.

Thus, both the left and the right-wing are up in arms over a women’s right to choose “sex work.” Prostitution ought not be a crime. Thankfully in a county of Nevada they have followed this course. I am sick and tired of so-called liberals along with the religious, conservative right attacking individual liberty to advance their STUPID moral agenda.

John Stossel and Elizabeth Nolan Brown of ReasonTV highlight the outrageous police officers who enforce anti-prostitution laws—causing misery, debt and criminal regrets. Thus it only happens when the government gets involved. The politicians who advocate for such laws are insidious, and the police officers who obey such orders (to keep their job) are ruining lives and violating freedom. It does not matter if you personally oppose sex work and prostitution; it is not the state’s rightful responsibility to regulate morality among civilized, consenting adults.

The recent Robert Kraft case resulted in enormous stress and suffering, before the investigators failed in pressing charges for sex trafficking. The Florida case involved New England Patriots owner Robert K. Kraft, who was charged for solicitation of prostitution at the Orchids of Asia Day Spa after he made two visits in late January of 2018. In a 26-page ruling, Judge Leonard Hanser of Palm Beach County Court agreed with Kraft’s lawyers in their motions to suppress video evidence.

The judge concluded that the surveillance evidence was “seriously flawed” and that the warrant was “insufficient” because it failed to define parameters for those not under videotape surveillance, suggesting serious violations of their Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable searches and seizures. Here, the state and its police enforcers destroyed lives again by charging innocent people with crimes and dragging them into stressful court proceedings. True tyranny indeed.

John Stossel and Elizabeth Nolan Brown discuss the ludicrous nature of sex trafficking cases.

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